Casual Meets Festive Wear at Chidiyaa

Chidiyaa aims to showcase the cultural treasure once inhabited by our land. Our online store brings an eclectic selection of Sarees, Kurtas, Blouses, Dresses, Dupattas, and Bottoms inspired from the culture of different regions of India. The prints and weaves are designed by our talented in-house designers and brought to life by devoted artisans residing across villages in India. We provide our customers with tasteful and authentic pieces of ethnic clothing with a contemporary twist of modern-day fashion. Experience the beauty of fusion clothing from all over the country, from the comfort of your home at Chidiyaa online!

Are you looking for outfits that you can wear both in casual as well as festive events? Look no further, as we have got you covered!

1. Pink Handprinted Pure Cotton Kurta Set:

By adding a drape and some jewellery, this kurta set in a cheery colour may be worn to both a festive event and a casual outing. This ensemble, which is made entirely of cotton, embodies comfort.


2. Black Stripe Mashru Silk Kurta Set:

This kurta set will make you look sophisticated as well as stylish at the same time. Wear it with a nice festive dupatta and you are all set to turn heads at the next celebration!



3. Purple Block Printed Cotton Kurta Set:

Purple spells pretty better than anything else. For a relaxed get-together with your friends and family, this handprinted cotton kurta set is the perfect partner. You can rock the next festive event if you pair it with a contrasting dupatta and some silver jewellery.



4. Mustard Pure Cotton Block Printed Kurta Set:

This costume will make you feel cheery because it is made of a colour that is always in style. At your upcoming festive event, pair it with a vibrantly coloured contrasting dupatta and some avant-garde jewellery.



5. Flourish White Dragonfly Hand-embroidered handwoven cotton Blouse:

This white blouse is composed of the softest cotton fabric and features our distinctive dragonfly design. Make a timeless fashion statement by wearing it with your favourite blue jeans or skirt. If you pair it with your favourite silk, linen, or Kota Doria saree, you can even wear it to a festive occasion.



6. Maroon Hand Embroidered Crop Top Blouse::

This maroon blouse also functions as a crop top. You'll be asked for style advice if you pair it with your favourite cotton skirt. For the festive season that is soon to come, wear it with a matching saree to exude impeccable sophistication and an aura of unending splendour.



7. Olive Block Printed Modal Silk Blouse:

Wear this blouse with your white jeans, trousers or skirt and look like a diva for your next meeting with your friends. Pair it with a white saree and some jewellery for the next celebration with your family.



8. Blue Angarakha Border Block Printed Cotton Dress:

You can wear this cotton dress for your next trip as well as wear it at a festive event by pairing it with some jewellery and light makeup.


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