8 Comfortable Maxi Dresses For this Summer

Maxi dresses have been everyone's favourite for the past few years and there are multiple reasons for that. When you want to wear something breathable yet classy, maxi dresses are always available for you. They are super comfortable, flattering, and whatnot. Pair them up with cute flats and you are ready to charm people with your style. Maxi dresses are flowy and versatile as their length makes them different from any other dresses. They look elegant and give you a feminine look. It makes you stand out gracefully from the crowd.

1. Rust Dragonfly Block Printed Cotton Dress:

This Rust Coloured Pure Cotton Dress comes with v-neckline and dragonfly block prints. Twirl, swirl and sway around in the company of this pretty dress with pockets on both sides. The silhouettes around the waist make it look more feminine and elegant. In no time you will be in love with this beautiful dress.


2. Beige Blue Block printed Jal Cotton Dress:

Add a soothing summer afternoon vibe to your wardrobe with this beige blue pure cotton block printed dress. The combination of the colours beige & blue makes this dress more calming for the eyes. Get lost in your own city of dreams with this easy and flowy dress with pockets on both sides. This dress is definitely going to be your go-to option this summer.



3. Purple Handprinted Pure Cotton Dress:

Purple is the colour that is liked and loved by many people. This pure cotton, sleeveless, square neck, block printed dragonflies dress will fulfil your long-lost wish of having a purple dress in your wardrobe. This dress is so stylish yet so comfortable with pockets on both sides.



4. Blue Block printed Dragonfly Sleeveless Cotton Dress:

This blue-coloured block printed sleeveless dress looks full of style while you would actually love the ease it carries. Twirl, swirl and sway around in the company of this pure cotton, V-neck, dragonfly dress with pocket detailing.



5. Green Handprinted Pure Cotton Dress:

Nature, which literally gives us everything, never really asks us anything in return. What we actually need to do is secure it, and make it grow more. Feel nature while wearing this pure cotton green dress with easy pockets. It has unique coconut shell button detailing.



6. Ivory Pure Cotton Polka Dot Dress:

We have been known to polka dots forever and this print has always been loved by everyone immensely. Be it kids, be it youngsters, or be it elders, love for polka dots has left no one. This beautiful V-neckline handmade pure cotton polka dot dress will make sure to give you amazing vintage vibes.



7. Red Dragonfly Block printed Off-Shoulder Cotton Dress:

This red dragonfly block printed cotton dress looks elegant and charming. It will make you look like a queen in front of everybody. Its off-shoulder style gives a whole together different look of a diva while looking subtly mesmerizing at the same time. Add butterflies, colours, and comfort to your look with this gorgeous red dress with comfortable pockets.



8. Ivory Pure Cotton Block Printed Dress:

This monochromatic block printed; handmade, pure cotton dress looks classy yet pleasing. It is sleeveless and has a V-neck. It has a vertical pattern of strips which makes it perfect for a day of exploration and discovering your love.



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