5 Kurta Sets You Need in Your Wardrobe Right Now!

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Chidiyaa has a wide range of kurtas, bottoms and dupattas to choose from. All of them are adorned with beautiful block designs, intricate patterns and motifs. We use a variety of colours and natural dyes for our prints and fabrics that impeccably reflect the intricate business of hand block printing. Our motifs are inspired from the little joys of day-to-day life. We have created the perfect blend of rich old tradition with trendy new-world silhouettes to provide your wardrobe with artistic pieces from the vast heritage residing in Indian villages.

The most mandatory items to be found in the wardrobe of every modern Indian woman are Kurta sets, as they can be worn for each and every occasion and are available in latest designs and styles. At Chidiyaa, we understand every woman’s inherent need for comfort, be it a college going girl or a working lady. These kurta sets are perfect to brighten up your everyday wardrobe with unique designs and lovely colours. They can be worn not only on casual outings, but also for other auspicious and important occasions. Create your own unique fashion statement, festive or formal, from our collection of latest designer kurtas, dupattas and bottoms!


1. Night Embers Hand-Printed Pure Cotton Kurta and Trousers Set - Kohl:

This Hand Printed Pure Cotton Kurta Set comes with v-neckline and polka dots. Polka dots print which is widely appreciated and loved by all will yet again make you mesmerized with its uniqueness. Like a million stars splattered across a black sky, each with its own light, telling its own story, let the world know, light and life is here with this kurta set.



2. Yale Blue Block Printed Cotton Kurta Set Of 2 - IB:

Add this hand printed and hand dyed kurta set to your wardrobe and very soon it will be counted in your favourites. Feel the refreshing cool breeze that gently stirs the leaves and wafts in the intoxicating fragrance of the flowers with this Yale Blue Block Printed Cotton Kurta Set from our collection ‘It’s a Breeze’.


3. Olive Green Pure Cotton Block Printed Kurta Set Of 2 - Ajooni:

Immerse in the authenticity of your love towards nature as you don our handprinted pure cotton kurta set. Complete your wardrobe with every girl’s mandatory pink colour. It will make you look the prettiest among everyone for sure.



4. Mustard Block Printed Cotton Kurta Set Of 2 - Easy:

This Mustard Coloured Block Printed Cotton Kurta Set looks absolutely elegant and beautiful. Sway to the birds’ chirpings, appreciate simple pleasures and seize your day in style in our pure cotton, V-neck, block printed kurta set with pockets on both sides.



  5. Indigo Soul Block printed Shawl Collar Cotton Kurta Set - Awargi:

Uncover the joy of getting lost & discovery with easy flow Block printed Kurta Set from the collection, Awargi. For the forever wandering souls.