For Dates, Parties, or Holidays: 10 Dresses to Shop

A woman wearing the right dress can achieve almost anything! But how will you select the right dress? Which dress to wear for which event? Your search ends here! Chidiyaa has a wide selection of contemporary dresses with a perfect twist of art and tradition. Below are our selections for dresses you can wear for dates, parties and holidays:

1. Sky Blue Handprinted One Shoulder Pure Cotton Dress:

This dress is all you need to make a lasting impression on your date! With its stylish one shoulder neckline and soothing blue colour, this dress is ultra-comfortable and chic.


2. Purple Handprinted Pure Cotton Halter Neck Dress:

Channel them holiday vibes with this handprinted halter neck dress. This purple free flow dress feels as easy and as comfortable as it looks!



3. Purple Handprinted One Shoulder Pure Cotton Dress:

Need the perfect dress for the next party you are planning to attend? Look no further as this purple handprinted one shoulder dress by Chidiyaa is the ideal choice with its easy pockets and stylish silhouette.



4. Green Leaf Block Printed Cotton Dress:

Confused on what to wear to your friend’s birthday party? Well, you can’t find a better option than this hand block printed green cotton dress, with its trendy neckline and easy fit, you can enjoy the party to the fullest!



5. Sunrise Yellow Bird Block Printed Cotton Dress:

This is the ideal dress for a relaxed vacation with its alluring shade of yellow and easy breezy design with a stylish slit on the side. Embellished with exquisite dabu prints, this handmade dress made of buttery soft cotton is your go to choice for a vacation.



6. Pink Handprinted Pure Cotton Off Shoulder Dress:

What can better spell romance than a pink off shoulder dress with moon motifs printed all over it? This is the ideal dress for a brunch date with its easy pockets that narrate beautiful tales of love, relationships and freedom.



7. Rust Dragonfly Block Printed Cotton Dress:

This dress is the embodiment of all the vacation feels. With its lovely rust shade, V-neckline and dragonfly motifs, this dress is trendy, comfortable and the perfect option for a summer outing.



8. Bottle Green Block Printed One Shoulder Dress:

Dazzle them and leave them asking for more with this one of a kind green one shoulder dress! You can’t find a better outfit for a fun neighbourhood party. This pure cotton dress with its pretty floral motifs and comfortable pockets is quite the headturner!



8. Red Handprinted Cotton Dress with Gota Details:

Having a hard time finding a good outfit for a traditional party? Well, this handprinted red cotton dress is all you need to make a modern style statement while staying loyal to your ethnic roots!



8.Ivory Block Printed Cotton Dress:

This is the best dress for a dinner date with its sophisticated white colour and stylish square neckline. Meticulously hand block printed on pure cotton, this dress is the embodiment of endless elegance!


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