The Rainmakers - Dessidre Fleming

An editor, a content creator, a Podcast on Spotify that deals with taboo topics like mental health, self care and emotional well being and a speaker on various online channels, Dessidre is a petite woman with a huge voice. Born in Patna and raised in Delhi, she shies away from talking about herself and instead prefers to talk about issues that are less frequently discussed on platforms. She doesn’t shy away from admitting she’s a flawed human being. The serendipity with which her career took shape comes back to her quite often, being a blogger when blogging was still a new concept she realized she had no in roads or contacts in the media, later with her dedication, she found herself in the company of the editor of a renowned fashion magazine.

Being an avid reader and lover of music, she made it through work and life with her vast collection of books, her guitar and writing her own songs, it became her entire sense of self. This sense of self was further enhanced by the presence of a strong mother who never fought her battles for her. Yes, she was too skinny, yes, she refused corrective surgery for a facial birth defect, yes, she was overtly ambitious but this was also a woman who was self made and living life on her own terms.

Wear your heart on your sleeve because a fashion statement isn’t always about what you wear but more about how you project yourself. Dessidre's style is made of memories too, a time when she would look into her grandmother’s cupboard and stare dreamily at her saree collection. There was one in particular, a pastel blue chiffon with a floral print and she heard her grandmother say, “when you grow up you can wear this one!” Her earliest memory of this saree still remains her favourite.

As she makes her way through life and work, she boldly proclaims, the world owes you nothing but you owe yourself everything, your dreams, your love, your well-being. The opinions of society are shaped for the masses but you are unique and you have the power to change the world. So, go harness your power and as it is said, be the change you wish to see! 


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