The Rainmakers - Anny Divya

An aviator from Vijaywada, where being in command is second nature and that too of a Boeing 777, Anny Divya would often stand by the window and watch birds fly, fascinated by glorious sky, she wondered, what was up there? To her, birds in the sky were inspiration enough to embark on a journey that’s often construed as a path for men, she wanted to fly like a bird but since she knew she couldn’t, she chose to fly big birds instead. In constant pursuit of learning, she set aside her Law Degree and joined India’s national carrier, Air India as a pilot. Flying wasn’t her only calling, she also learned a few forms of dance, though it is Kick Boxing that has kept her fit in such a challenging career.

Having faced obstacles in her ambition to touch the skies, she looked to her mother for support and encouragement. Where she absorbed the values of being fearless, for that’s where lies greatness, to be a better version of herself every day, all the while knowing that if she ever needed a shoulder, the doors of her home were always open for her. Today, she stands stronger and strives harder because the only way to win over social pressures is to rise above. These values make her reflect to her younger self and her advice to a 14 year old Anny would be to live life to your best abilities, don’t compare yourself with others, be driven not competitive, be kind to others and yourself. All these elements also reflect in her sense of self and fashion, every strong willed woman who follows her dreams with passion and perseverance is a style icon and how they carry themselves with confidence is the true essence of fashion. Which is why a saree gifted to her by her late grandfather remains with her as a keepsake, a statement and a beautiful memory. To all the young women around her, she says, “go out there and face your fears, unless you do that you are accepting the defeat without even fighting a battle. Whatever you go through you are not the first one go through in this real world, stronger women have paved a path for us and we must do the same for the generation after us.”

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