The Rainmakers - Deeba Rajpal

A journey that spanned the nation, a journey of a services kid, if you ever meet Deeba, you would know right away, the grace, the wisdom and the poise that comes with having an upbringing in an officer’s home. Having lived the length and breadth of the country, changing cities and homes every 3 years, it all translated into the woman she went on to become, worldly as they say! Out of Delhi University, into British Airways and then writing a food blog as one of the pioneering bloggers of that time, that’s how her journey unfolded.

A woman who lives a day at a time, chasing seasons, she is the epitome of free-spiritedness. She is inspired by seasons, nature, her beautiful backyard with all the blossoms and herbs, her dogs. She captures it all in her eclectic photography skills.

Values like hard work, honesty, consistency, gratitude and loyalty never change. It is these keywords that have made her very fortunate in life, where she never saw challenges as challenges but as learning curves.

Even as a mother, she carries forth these lessons, she looks back and believes that there are no short-cuts in life, hard work is everything. Her laidback confidence translates into her style. She reminisces about a prized possession, a deep purple Kanjeevaram with a self-woven thread border that her father got for her from Bangalore in 1986. It’s been a favourite and holds a special place in her heart along with another favourite, a block-printed Tussar which she bought from Cottage Industries Janpath from her first salary. She still has it, still loves it and still drapes it! Having lived a charmed life, a world she created for herself, her advice to those who look up to her is pragmatic and matter of fact, she says “get real, don’t crib, make the most with what you have and be a quick learner. Grab every opportunity yet don’t compromise on your core values. There’s enough place for everyone in this world. Make yours!

Deeba Rajpal

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