The Rainmakers - Kaavita Das

Meet Kaavita Das, a true powerhouse of talent who reflects everything positive. A simple conversation with her might take one on a journey of self-reflection while leaving one awestruck by her simple yet strikingly deep words. Born and raised in Kolkata, her journey with movement started at a tender age of 3. Her brief tryst with her corporate career further strengthened her beliefs for pursuing her passion. From starting her journey as a dancer, learning from renowned gurus in different dance styles and after having a 16-year long career in dancing, she got introduced to yoga.


From being a yoga trainer, an aerialist, a danseuse, a creative movement therapy facilitator and an entrepreneur, she manages it all very calmly with utmost perfection and grace. She currently runs her studio, "The Yoga Chakra" and is launching another brand, ‘The Pink Lotus Academia' where she amalgamates the three most essential flavours of her life-Yoga, Dance and Music. Her goal is to create a therapeutic-aesthetic discipline that heals the body and awakens the soul.


She describes reading, writing, watching movies and series as her safe escape. She is also passionate about styling, decorating a space, outfits, and everything related to art and aesthetics. Learning the lessons of strength and independence from her mother, she believes in being grounded and the saying that bold is beautiful!


Having to face numerous challenges as a woman she says, "I let all of these challenges guide me and we must as women celebrate these challenges because no matter what- All of creation sings through our womb.”

Fashion comes to her with a lot of connotations. For her, it depends on her surroundings and mood. She reminisces to have worn her first saree from her grandma's wardrobe and still treasures it. She says, “Nobody can stop you if you do your best and be absolutely authentic. There is a saying,"Whatever you imagine is real" - Remember this and dream big and have faith in your dreams.”


RS. 3,200

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