Chidiyaa Women - Tillotima Shome

The magic lies in unravelling the beautiful hidden pockets of instances that connect all humans together. Sometimes, after visually consuming art, we relate to certain emotions, situations and characters. These are the times when words fall short to express appreciation and gratitude towards an artist who brings situations, emotions and moments alive through their incredible talent.

Titllotama Shome’s work evokes similar emotions and feelings within us. Hailing from the artisanal city of Kolkata, Tillotama Shome, intelligently, through her extraordinary body of work, leaves permanent imprints on her art in the audience's minds. Her films and acting prowess captures the audience to their screen, making them live the moment, while somewhere changing something within them forever for good.

We all are swaying around in the company of wind
Discovering something new that keeps us all aligned
While walking down the untrodden paths we find
That it is a beautiful journey and it is always a good idea to be in the mood for love and to be kind!

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