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What happens when a girl from Odisha, a straight A+ student, an MBA and a banker decides to follow her calling? She ditches her 9-5/24x7 life and becomes a cookbook author and photographer, all for her passion for good food and sharing that bounty with the world. This sea of change came upon her when she was on maternity leave after her daughter’s birth, she started a blog. Despite an offer letter from a leading bank sitting in her hands, she chose personal happiness over job security and that grit came from her faith in herself. Photography had always been a hobby for her and with her blog, she could make her hobby, her way of life. Creating beautiful food and beautiful images brought her joy. Coming out of that comfort zone to become who she was meant to, completed her.


It was her growing years that gave her this strength, her mother always stressed that there’s a saving in truth sayers, her father taught her to dust herself off after fall and rise higher. Her core values were all about kindness, love and focus and today that’s what she wishes to imbibe in her girls. It’s these values that helped her overcome career and life challenges, where she knew she wasn’t just a pretty face, there was a strong voice behind that face that commanded respect and with that, she honed her networking skills. Looking-back she can safely tell her younger self to always choose happiness. This extends to her opinion about self-expression as well, where fashion is mostly about comfort. Her confidence exudes in everything she chooses to wear, whether it’s traditional clothes or western wear. Yet, she feels, nothing matches the grace of a saree. The first saree she ever bought was a beautiful Satya Paul creation and it remains a favourite. As someone who stood for what she’s believed in, who chose personal satisfaction over convention, her advice to girls stepping into the ‘real world’ is to ‘Be Yourself’, in a world where women are always being moulded into what they ‘should’ be, be who you are meant to be and strive for the best version of yourself!

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