What is special about Chidiyaa Handwoven Silk Sarees?

Silk was first developed in China. Traces of Sericulture and silk can be found in the ancient Indus valley and Harappa civilizations. In the past, silk was mainly worn by the royalty in India. Silk was re-introduced by the East India company in India in 1710. The first silk saree was woven in Karnataka. Due to the combined influence of many cultures and empires, different silk weaving techniques led to the formulation of an interesting and unique history of silk sarees . Silk sarees are the personification of royalty and timeless elegance! Every Indian woman wears a silk saree at all stages and ages of her life. It is a feeling of pride to own a silk saree. Each region of India has its own special kind of silk saree festooned with beautiful motifs and patterns.

Throughout the generations, we can see many variations in the designs and draping styles of silk sarees. Being a work of brocade, gotta or aari embellishments and zari motifs, you come across silk sarees with a variety of patterns and designs. Block-printed silk sarees are widely popular and loved by many women. Silk sarees are at the heart of every Indian celebration, be it a big fat Indian wedding or a majorly celebrated festival, most Indian women prefer to wear a silk saree for every auspicious occasion. Enveloping yourself in a rich and traditional silk saree makes one feel like royalty.

Chidiyaa has a premium range of lovely silk sarees adorned with a twist of modern-day designs to give you an ethnic yet trendy look. Chidiyaa uses a number of intricate methods to enhance the beauty of a silk saree in multiple ways. With the use of traditional motifs, we create unique designs that provide an indie twist to our culture. Our block prints are majorly inspired by the natural beauty of flora and fauna.

Our handwoven silk sarees come in many varieties like Chanderi silk sarees, modal silk sarees and Jamdani silk sarees.

      l. Chidiyaa handwoven Chanderi silk sarees: With the base of buttery soft Chanderi fabric, these silk sarees are festooned with unique prints and patterns inspired from the little joys of everyday life. These sarees are available in a plethora of vibrant shades for you to choose from!
Chidiyaa Chidiyaa Chidiyaa
      2. Chidiyaa handwoven Modal silk sarees: Embellished with the brightest hues of nature intricately absorbed with luxurious modal silk route, this variety of handwoven silk sarees will add so much to your natural charm. Thoughtfully crafted for the ultimate feeling of comfort, our modal silk sarees have an artistic allure as well as a contemporary charisma.
Chidiyaa Chidiyaa Chidiyaa
      3. Chidiyaa handwoven Jamdani silk sarees:The making of these sarees can take up to 3 long months to finish, making them a piece of heirloom worth cherishing. These meticulously crafted beauties are the head turners for every celebration with their ethereally beautiful motifs and bright colours.
Chidiyaa Chidiyaa Chidiyaa
      Chidiyaa showcases an eclectic and rich collection of silk sarees accentuated by rich weaves, bold colours, traditional pattens, unique motifs and golden borders. These glorious traditional silk sarees are the perfect ensemble for festivals, weddings, religious and cultural gatherings!

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