For weddings and festivals: 10 must have sarees

Indian women have been wearing saree as their everyday outfit for almost thousands of years now. With time, people all over the world started regarding saree as classic wear. Sarees have always been widely appreciated and loved by everyone. All these years saree styles changed, and even its draping styles changed, but one constant thing is everyone's undying love for sarees. Chidiyaa has always showcased exquisite sarees with eye-catching colours and prints. Here are the ten must-have sarees we recommend for weddings and festivals.

1. Rani Handwoven Linen Zari Saree:

First on the list is our classic rani pink handwoven linen zari saree. Experience ultimate bliss while following your heart and celebrating the colours in our handwoven and hand-spun linen and zari saree. Be it a festive soiree or Sunday dine-outs, this palatial linen zari saree is an ideal selection for any occasion.


2. Rani Pink Striped Handwoven Linen Saree-Bageecha:

Experience that new blossom feeling in this calming Rani Pink Striped Saree crafted in pure handwoven Linen from our collection ‘Bageecha’, inspired from the many hues omnipresent in a lush garden. It carries a refreshing close to nature vibe with it. !



3. Red Zari Handwoven Linen Saree-SOH:

Listen to the hymns of your heart ever so closely and you’ll discover the ocean of beauty that lies within. This Red Zari Handwoven Linen Saree will give you an absolutely classic and elegant look. Experience the beauty of Handwoven Linen with this Charming Linen Sarees from the collection ‘Songs of the Heart’.



4. Mubarakan Purple Handwoven Linen Zari Saree-Soni:

Plunge into the lively aura of celebrations this wedding season by adding a touch of cheerful hues and artistic charm to your wardrobe in this Mubarakan Purple Handwoven Linen Zari Saree from our collection ‘Soni’. With its colour and print, it is a must-have and one-of-its-kind saree for your wardrobe.



5. Pink-Yellow Blockprinted Modal Silk Saree-Rang:

Play along with the colour block appeal of some of the brightest shades on the palette, pink and yellow on the base of the modal fabric. It carries an ideal look to spread some galore this festive season. Embrace the colours and positivity in our pure handmade block printed modal silk saree.



6. Rani-Brown Handwoven Cotton Saree:

Colours and patterns leave an everlasting impression, giving us the confidence to be kinder to ourselves and the world around us. Explore this feeling with our handwoven pure cotton viscose saree. The combination of colours you will get here is something that you have always wished for.



7. Nazm lilac-oceanic blue-yellow handwoven linen zari saree - Gazala

This Nazm lilac-oceanic blue-yellow handwoven linen zari saree is from our collection ‘Gazala’. Just like the Urdu word ‘Gazala’ our collection aims to add a glorifying touch to your charismatic personality, creating the ideal ambience for an evening of memorable conversation and soulful music.



8. Teal Block printed Chanderi Saree-Chand Se:

This Teal Block printed Chanderi Saree from our master-crafted Chanderi edit is a glaring example of our craftsmen’s artistry. The traditional motifs such as crescent moon & mandals are adorned on the canvas of these sarees, which further enhances their beauty. These sarees are suitable for every occasion.



9. Brick Red Bloom Block Printed Chanderi Saree:

Reconnect with the unparalleled raw authenticity and the unrivalled rustic glory of the earth in this Brick Red Bloom Block Printed Chanderi Saree from our Collection ‘Smell of the Earth’. This saree is handmade and adorned with beautiful Dabu prints on buttery soft Chanderi fabric.



10. Changa Yellow Handwoven Linen Zari Saree-Soni:

Get ready to look exquisitely elegant and beautiful with Changa Yellow Handwoven Linen Zari Saree from our collection ‘Soni’. The grace this saree carries makes it stand out from any other saree. It's a must-have saree for you this wedding season.


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