Smell of the Earth

Reconnect with the unparalleled raw authenticity and the unrivaled rustic glory of the Earth in dabu handprinted story from our collection 'Smell of the Earth'.

Staying humble and true to your roots is the best way to live. Rejoice in the beauty of being your real self with our collection 'Smell of the Earth' wherein we bring you an eclectic selection of Sarees, Blouses, Kurta sets, Dresses and Tops handmade and adorned with beautiful Dabu prints inspired from the elements of the earth on buttery soft Chanderi fabric. Savor in the endless elegance of impeccable Indian tradition with an interesting blend of charming modern fashion embellished with nature prints and patterns.
Being hand printed and hand-dyed, the textile may have slight irregularities in the printing work and the colour might bleed to some extent. These irregularities are the hallmark of all handmade products and make each artistic piece one-of-its-kind.

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