Leave the Door Open - Nirmala Hegde

Think about how a warm, welcoming voice can brighten up your day - that's the first feeling you experience when you have a conversation with Aai from Aai's Kitchen Mumbai. 

Meet Mrs Nirmala Hegde, who started her home food delivery venture, Aai's Kitchen, at the age of 65 years during the first lockdown in 2020. After receiving an unprecedented response for her business, she started expanding her business through Instagram as well.
"The love and appreciation I received were truly flattering. My idea is to spread smiles on people's faces while they were working from home." Her appe, lasun chutney, masala dosa, freshly prepared with love, got her the title of 'Aai', as her food reminds many of their mothers.

Her zeal for cooking, her crochet work and her hand embroidery truly are infectious. Aai with her business acumen, heartwarming personality and heart of gold is an inspiration for many as she leaves the door open for new possibilities.


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