Leave The Door Open - Aanchal Malhotra

Time travel and traceback memories, one might come across hidden gems, meet an enigmatic storyteller within oneself, listen to one’s inner rhythms and rhymes. One might end up exploring oneself better, understanding one’s thoughts and coming across meaningful truths about one’s existence.

Aanchal Malhotra, an oral historian and writer, with her extraordinary line of work in field of partition, has helped one relive moments and memories and derive meaning out of them. As a co-founder of the Museum of Material Memory - a digital repository tracing family histories and social ethnography through heirlooms, collectibles and antiques from the Indian subcontinent, she has swung open the door of growth and opportunities.

Discover and deconstruct one’s identities, thoughts and beliefs to reconstruct a new vision that helps one explore and engage in informed acts.


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