Leave The Door Open - Manjri Varde

“Become the earth, the sun will create a halo, around you.” - Manjri Varde 

With her zeal for life, she exuberates positivity while leaving the door open for new possibilities. She has been exploring her passion in the world of art since the tender age of 8 years and moved on to study Applied Art at the Sophia Polytechnic in Mumbai for five years.

While fondly reminiscing her show at the Museum of Goa, she narrates how she believes that age cannot be a guiding factor for one to explore new opportunities. "Some wonderful opportunity knocks, and you respond with an open mind and heart, you can become another perspective of yourself", she says.

Supported and encouraged by her family to pursue and present her work to the world, she says, "Life is not easy, it was never meant to be... But if you love, you will make it through with quietness and a joy and a song in your heart!"

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