Saree: six yards of pure beauty!

A lazy afternoon of summers, seeking around the places in the house. Summer vacation always trolls us and landed us to boredom. Back in my childhood days, I could remember, one thing which makes me fond of those summer afternoons. When the whole house was snoring to sleep, I with my sister sneak to our mum's wardrobe and try out her gorgeous sarees. Then with a slow pace of the radio, we dance our hearts out on the rhythm of 90's music. And from that day sarees, always make me feel like home, something so pure that would make you shine bright like a star.

As the saying goes: "A girl never buy her first saree, she chooses one from the wardrobe of her mother" Every Indian girl observes her mom in awe while they drape the graceful saree and tries to imitate her.

Making it a special aesthetic of fashion to own.

In our Indian culture saree is define not only just a piece of clothing but the pride of a woman. And thus, it is also called as a symbol of substance in our tradition. The traces of saree has been found in the Indus Valley Civilization which flourished between 2800 BC to 1800BC in the western part of the Indian subcontinent. Making it a queen ruling the wardrobe of every Indian woman.

Being revolutionized and survived for thousands of years of modification, this glamorous and sensuous outfit has never lost its essence. Saree is truly the most versatile garment worn. Beginning from a school farewell to auspicious wedding ceremonies, sarees truly festooned the beauty of a woman.

Chidiyaa, as a brand is driven by a passion for crafts and tradition from all across India. Thus, bringing you the best collection of sarees from every region to adore your style for different occasions. From exclusive hand blocks from the desert of Kutch to the timeless weaves from Andra and the royal silks from Banaras, we aim to bring you age-old crafts in saree with a new-world contemporary twist. With us, you'll experience a sustainable and eco-friendly fashion.

Below are some of our favorite picks from the site. All crafted with love and fineness to provide your style with that sartorial elegance.

"Painting the Clouds with summer smile"

A red-purple saree in modal silk featuring traditional block imprints and soothing drapes. Defining the contrast of extravagance and simplicity with the modern world weaves bound together by cultural tales.


"Blue Moon, Blue Sky"

A graceful delight of blue luna saree in modal silk, collided with artistic block imprints and opulent highlighting. Perfect to master the rendering vogue of cultural ensembles.

Embrace the inner goddess in you with silhouettes, dive deep into the earthen prose of dark hues. Conspired by the tale of traditional block impressions to leave some cultural marks in your everyday closet


"A breeze in the garden"

This cotton mul saree has beautifully collided in the hues of deep blue shades followed by Ajrakh block imprints. A perfect blend of modernism with tradition.

Ideal wear to guide your vogue for ethnic office parties, festive dinner nights, or random literary events.


"A ray of afternoon sunshine"

Charm your persona with the essence of tranquil hues as you slip into this sunaheri chanderi saree. Further, conspire by the beauty of artistic hand block imprint. An ideal clothing option for your cultural Indian looks.


"A hundred miracles"

A indigo cotton mul saree adorned with charming dragonfly block imprints. Followed by the dainty details of tassel highlighting on the end of the pallu to complete the whole beauty.


"The perfect royalty"

Charm your persona with the essence of sprightly hues as you slip into this rani-orange green saree in modal silk. Conspire by the beauty of artistic hand block imprint. An ideal clothing option for your cultural looks.

Play along with the brightest hues of nature intricately absorbed with luxurious modal silk route to provide your style with a smile of cheerful “Rang”. The collection has been additionally crafted with traditional block imprints to bring out the allure of warmth, positivity, and essence of sprightly hues.


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