As an environmentally conscious fashion brand, Chidiyaa employs a variety of high-quality fabrics ranging from the deliciously soft cotton mul to the ultra-cool linens. Our mindfully handcrafted fabrics are designed for utmost comfort and effortless style.
Cotton Fabric  


Buttery soft and having a featherlight fine weave, this Chidiyaa fabric is made from 100% pure cotton. It is highly breathable and offers unparalleled comfort during hot summer days.
This highly absorbent and non-itchy fabric is made using traditional methods in a sustainable way from very fine, hand-picked long-staple cotton fibres which are spun into a yarn. The final product is very soft and lightweight and also exuberates a natural sheen.


Handwoven fabrics and environmental consciousness go hand in hand, as the weaving process does not require any electricity. Our Handwoven Cotton fabrics are manufactured all the way in West Bengal, which has been the hub of handweaving for almost a millennium.
Chidiyaa uses handwoven cotton fabric in the design of sarees, shirts, tops, kurta sets, skirts. This fabric is made from superior quality pure cotton which offers it an appealing natural texture and colour, making it dreamily soft and highly durable at the same time.
  Handwoven Cotton
Handwoven Linen  


Linen is the personification of unparalleled beauty, pure comfort and endless elegance. The rough and natural look of handwoven linen makes it aesthetically more appealing and all colours stand out nicely on it.
Chidiyaa handwoven linen is one of the finest quality fabrics with its highly absorbent properties, rustic appeal, breathable weaves and flowy nature that offers absolute comfort to the body during harsh Indian summers.
The manufacturing of this fabric requires weeks, even months at a time, but the excellent quality cloth is quite worth the effort.


Zari is a fine thread that is traditionally made of gold or silver. It is popularly used with other fabrics to make gleaming intricate patterns and elaborate designs.
Blended with linen, silk as well as cotton, handwoven zari fabric at Chidiyaa has made a mark of its own with its sophisticated yet aesthetic appeal. This fabric is a sparkling ode to festivities and new beginnings.
  Hand-Woven Zari
Mashru silk  


Mashru silk is a dynamic fabric that is favourable for hot Indian summers as it has a cotton weave on the inside, which is soft and absorbent. With a silk weave on the outside, it provides a regal look. This fabric is majorly found in the Kutch and Patan region of Gujarat.
At Chidiyaa, we give equal importance to comfort and style. Our Mashru silk fabric is handwoven in a unique blend of silk and cotton yarns. It is stronger and has more durability than other silks. This fabric has an alluring natural shine with a floaty texture for a comfy feel.


Chanderi silk is manufactured by weaving in silk and cotton zari in traditional cotton yarn. This fabric is widely popular due to its gleaming texture, that makes it a coveted choice for all kinds of events. The process of making this fabric is quite long and employs a lot of effort.
Chidiyaa Chanderi silk fabric is handmade by spinning in looms using the finest quality of cotton and silk fibres. The end product is a deliciously lightweight fabric that is wonderfully soft and airy.
  Chanderi Silk
modal Silk  


Modal is a cellulose fibre made from the wood pulp from beech trees. This fibre is extracted from the trees and hand spun into a beautiful fabric called modal silk
Chidiyaa modal silk fabric feels creamy soft on the skin with its naturally fluid drapes. Offering a sophisticated but regal shine, this high-grade pure fabric is absorbent and breathable.