"Red Hibiscus bloom, at dawn in an earthen pot..." Jaswanti, a new festive collection from Chidiyaa is an expression of immense love and gratitude for our loved ones. Borrowing its gaze and style inspiration from the delightful Hibiscus flower; widely known for its curing ability, and welcoming good vibes in the house. The collection features easy-silhouettes and nature-inspired hand prints, making it a perfect style for an elegant sartorial look.

Inspired by the red beauty of the delightful hibiscus flower, Chidiyaa brought its new festive collection Jaswanti.
Jaswanti as a collection is defined as an expression of utmost admiration and grace for all the souls we love. The designs used in the products are beautifully borrowed by the amusing gaze of the Hibiscus flower, which is often known as the flower of positivity. The whole collection features opulent texture silhouettes, fresh patterns, nature-inspired hand-prints, and a royal pick of hues. Comprises of saree, kurtas, and bottoms, Jaswanti is the perfect selection for your festive celebration as well as adorning your mundane styles.

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