In the mood for love

"The sun dies and the moon smiles, 

All I need is to be by your side..."
In the mood for love... is the collection narrating the untold love stories which dies with the era and again reborn with a new day. Chidiyaa has ensemble this poetic collection with all the charm and sophistication. Design on the opulent texture of mashru base, with dreamy handprints to romanticize your style a bit. The collection comprises trendy designs in kurtas, bottoms, dresses, and dupattas. Every piece in the collection has its own beautiful story to tell. The pieces would not only define your elegant style but also make you feel special, graceful, and classic.

Collide your style in the luxurious affair of mashru silk with this scintillating set of kurta and bottom. Featuring easy silhouettes, and geometric block print patterns. An ideal look for your indie fashion choices. Inspiration: Contrived in the beauty of Mashru fabric, this artistic collection is a perfect blend of urban vows with traditional soirees. Design to encapsulate your vogue with opulent dreams.

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