Why are linen sarees getting so much popularity now-a-days?


Linen is an eco-friendly, smooth and rich fabric manufactured from the flax plant. Linen sarees are a personification of unparalleled beauty, pure comfort and endless elegance. Ruling right next to its cotton and silk counterparts, they are versatile and owe their popularity to a lot of reasons. Today, we will be highlighting most of them. 

  1. Suitability for all seasons: Linen is known to be better than cotton for the summer heat due to its smooth texture, soft touch and high absorptivity keeping the body cool and comfortable at all times. It is the ideal companion for hot summer days. It can also be made suitable for winter by making it heavier with some wart-weft tricks.
  2. Easy to Style: Linen sarees are all for experimenting and trying out different looks. They look good with embroidered as well as designer blouses. As they are not heavily adorned with embroidery, they can be easily draped and provide a stylish appeal. They can be further styled with different kinds of jewellery and belts.
  3. Best choice for all occasions: Linen is the perfect base for all kinds of patterns and prints. Be it a traditional get-together or a casual outing, a linen saree stands out due to its subtle elegance and alluring comfort. It is the best choice for office wear too, as it can go quite well with a formal watch and black sandals or belly shoes.
  4. Less Maintenance: Linen sarees are suitable for machine wash as well as dry cleaning and they tend to become softer with every wash! They don’t get easily crumpled and are quite durable for long use. They can be ironed to remove the creases, that are seldom found. 
  5. A wider range of thread counts: Handwoven linen sarees can be spun into a wider range of thread counts. A coarser count provides a heavier fabric and a finer count gives a softer fabric. The thread count plays a prominent role in determining the texture of the linen saree.
  6. Aesthetic appeal and best fit: Linen fabric has impressive fluidity and it perfectly drapes around a woman’s curves. It is suitable for all body types. Having a fabulous fall and fit, linen sarees are quite aesthetically pleasing. Their rough, natural look with minimal accessories is a definite showstopper.
  7. Flexibility in Design: While there are many standard ways of designing a linen saree, there are a lot of possibilities to explore when it comes to adorning them with unique and attractive patterns and colours. They can be easily mixed with different materials like cotton and silk. The inherent raw and classic beauty of a linen saree stands out in vibrant as well as subtle colours. 
Chidiyaa Chidiyaa
Chidiyaa Chidiyaa

Chidiyaa Handwoven Linen Sarees

At Chidiyaa, you will come across a wide range of premium handcrafted pure linen sarees along with linen sarees blended with Zari, silk and cotton. We also have an incredible selection of designer linen sarees embellished with elegant motifs and block prints inspired from the little joys of everyday life. These sarees are the product of months of dedicated craftsmanship of artisans residing across the villages in India. They are woven with a time-tested handweaving technique that requires utmost skill, precision and rhythm on the loom with a discontinuous weft process. These sarees are very time-consuming to manufacture but the end product is quite worth the effort. Our linen sarees have a sublime allure and are available in all your favourite colours and trendy designs. Being a perfect blend of tradition and modern-day style, these sarees are the ideal companions for every important occasion of your life. Chidiyaa’s love for Linen sarees is a timeless saga of glorious authenticity and sophisticated grace!

Chidiyaa Chidiyaa


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