The History of Chanderi Silk Sarees in India

In India, the history of chanderi silk sarees spans centuries, with specific regions having their own distinct style. In this article, you will learn about the history of chanderi silk sarees in particular regions and how this piece of clothing has developed and evolved over time.
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How Did Chanderi Silks Start?

Chanderi silks are one of the most notable silk products in the world. It is made from different materials like cotton, silk, and jute. It has been recognized since a long time ago as a product that resonates with its fans. The history of Chanderi silks can be traced back to 326 AD when it was mentioned in a text written by Vishnudutta Tirtha. It is said that they started to be woven at the behest of Raja Bhoj.


Indian Silk History

Chanderi is a village in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. It is famous for its handwoven silk saree, which is still produced in limited quantities and can now be found primarily in Indian weddings and as traditional wear by rural women.

Chidiyaa Chidiyaa
Chidiyaa Chidiyaa

Discovery of Chanderi Silk

Chanderi is one of the most beautiful Indian silk sari. Chanderi was an ancient city in India and this city made its mark as a center of trade for the region. When Alexander invaded India, he introduced silk to the Indian subcontinent. As a result, Chanderi became a famous Silk City in India.

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Manufacturing Process for a Chanderi Silk Saree

The process of creating a Chanderi Silk Saree is long and arduous. It takes about an hour for a silk worm to spin up a thread, weave it into yarn, and tie the fabric into a knot. After that, it takes about 6-7 days for the worm to chew through the knots and create a simple seam. Three hours later, the thread is woven into an even larger piece of cloth that is then hand stitched by skilled weavers of the Chanderi region before being hung on racks overlooking the river Ganges in Madhya Pradesh.

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Torn between the time-honored tradition of chanderi sarkari silk saree and modernity, this article talks about the history of Chanderi sarees. It explains how the practice of sitting on a bed of cotton in order to spin and weave it into a silk fabric was introduced in the ancient times. It also talks about how today's designers are rediscovering this ancient technique and incorporating it into their creations.

Chidiyaa Chidiyaa

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