How are Handwoven Cotton Sarees Made? What is special about Chidiyaa Handwoven Cotton Sarees?

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The handloom industry of India has been under the lens of the world for almost a few centuries now. The handloom fabrics are intricately manufactured by manual labour in the workshops. This industry has provided livelihood and empowered the lives of many artisans across India. Each Indian state has its own signature weaving technique of cotton sarees that makes them unique. To make a handwoven cotton saree, a few days to a few months are required depending on the design and the type of the weave. Passed down from generations of Indian women, these artistic pieces of clothing are no less than national heritage. So, how are these sarees actually made?

What all activities are involved in the making? Let’s find out! Before the process of weaving begins, the cotton threads are hand-dyed in the required colour, wrapped and left to dry in natural sunlight. Then these threads are woven on shuttle- pit looms that are made of ropes, poles and wooden beams. The weaver throws the shuttle from side to side. For different types of patterns, fly shuttle looms are used. For different kinds of cotton sarees, different sizing, attachment of the wrap, weaving and weft winding techniques are used. Majority of the quality of the cotton saree depends on the weaving process.

What is special about Chidiyaa Handwoven Cotton Sarees?

At Chidiyaa, every saree is thoughtfully designed and meticulously crafted keeping in mind essential comfort and modern style. All our products are manufactured in an environmentally mindful and conscious manner.

Chidiyaa Handwoven Cotton sarees are handwoven in Bengal which is known as the centre of excellence for handloom sarees. The yarn for the sarees is authentically hand-dyed by soaking. We have three exquisite collections dedicated specially for handwoven cotton sarees:

    1. Holi: Experience the unparalleled essence of every shade with this collection comprising of a kaleidoscope of different colours that creates a much-needed positive space for every beautiful thought to grow and flourish. This collection aims at bringing together different perspectives in a colourful and harmonious symphony of time-tested art. Just like the unity in Diversity of India, Holi blends together different tones that acknowledge and appreciate different views and choices.
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    1. Sahar: This is the perfect range of sarees to accompany you in your new beginnings. Sahar means a new and beautiful dawn, a horizon of exciting and happier beginnings. New beginnings are associated with a change in mindset, hopeful thoughts and new dreams by embarking on a journey towards a better tomorrow. With this thought, Sahar brings you an eclectic selection of handwoven cotton zari sarees that inspire you to enjoy the little pleasures of life to the fullest by feeling alive every moment.
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    1. Gulal: Life is a lovely spectrum of colours and each colour signifies a different hue of life. Gulal is a collection especially designed keeping in mind the unrivalled freshness of spring through a palette of vivid shades. This staggering range of pure Viscosecotton sarees is a soulful medley of the authentically Indian craft of handweaving and the breathtakingly vibrant tones of Holi. Gulal sarees personify timeless resplendence and ultimate sophistication with their sublime and glamorous allure.
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Envelop yourself in an intriguing saga of ancient tradition and contemporary fashion with Chidiyaa’s spectacular range of handwoven cotton sarees that are your perfect companions for casual, formal as well as traditional events!


All about Chidiyaa Handwoven Cotton Sarees

At Chidiyaa, we bring you exclusive handwoven cotton sarees blended with the beauty of artistic block prints from all over India. Our cotton sarees are available in myriad colours, elaborate prints and beautiful patterns. These sarees are hand-dyed with dyes made from natural ingredients and adorned with motifs inspired from the little joys of everyday life. Made from premium quality cotton, our handwoven cotton sarees are available in trendy silhouettes blended with a subtle essence of rich Indian culture for easy summer days!

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