Simple Tips To Maintain Your Silk Saree

Sarees are the heart of every Indian woman wardrobe. An ancient garment that has seen all the phases of times and evolves itself through it.  And when it comes to Silk sarees these are one of the most exquisite types of saree.  This rich textured saree weaved together from a protein fiber adore with different patterns and motifs. Be it a wedding, parties or any other special occasion silk sarees are always the first priority of Indian women.

Though, we often wonder how to maintain these rich and fine pieces of silk sarees and preserve them. Silk sarees though has the capability of lasting for years and pass on in the family from mother to daughter.

In this special blog, we'll tell you how to take care of your silk sarees and keep it carefully with the utmost care.


Tips in maintaining silk sarees:

  1. Whenever you store a silk saree wrapped in separate cotton, muslin, or any shed fabric. It'll allow the saree to breathe, the zari weaved in the saree won't get oxidized by reacting with the air and will protect it from the moths. In the market, many saree bags are also available and are great to store your silk sarees.

  2. For silk zari sarees make sure that the part of the saree having zari embroidery is folded inwards so that its shine is maintained.

  3. Refold your sarees every three months this will prevent it from tearing in the fold lines. Also, show it some low sunlight for a few hours and then store it back. It will help to maintain its color and shine.

  4. Avoid storing your silk sarees with other fabric sarees like chiffon, polyester, or georgette. Also never store it on a metal hanger, as the metal can leave its stain on your expensive silk saree. Plastic hangers would be ideal for the purpose.

  5. To fold silk sarees, you need to keep on changing the folds of silk saree, so that no deep crease is set on the saree. 

  6. Avoid washing your silk sarees at home. The best way would be by dry cleaning them at regular intervals.

  7. While ironing your silk sarees, never move the iron in back and forth motion as it can lead to stretch in silk fabric and can destroy the shape. After ironing remove the silk saree when it is completely cooled down. If the silk saree is removed before its completely cooled then chances are high that the fabric can cause more wrinkles.

  8. Use naphthalene balls to keep the moths and silverfish away. Though, don’t keep them in direct contact with your saree as they tend to discolor the zari work. You can also pot for dry neem leaves.

 Hope, you find these tips helpful and effective.

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