The Rainmakers - Ayesha Billimoria

A three time national champion in 200 metres race, an author, athlete, runner and trainer, Ayesha Billimoria, popularly known as Fit Girl India, always found her calling in sports! She is a true sports star who specialises in the movements and biomechanics of running. While describing her initial calling into her 20-year-old association with sports, she said, “The universe always brings you around to what you channel your thoughts in.” With a feeling of "amchi Mumbai", as a Mumbaikar, in her heart, she admits that she loves eating and dancing.
She stands by the motto of good thoughts, good words, good deeds and aims to live an honest and giving life where her mother advised her to never lie, always be true to herself while exhibiting compassion towards others. She is an ardent believer that whatever one does to others will always come back to one in one form or the other.
Ayesha Billimoria, with her career trajectory, has broken many stereotypes and has carved her niche in a male-dominated profession in India. She is a woman of power, who has the courage to speak her mind, has a headstrong nature, supporting parents because of which she has emerged victorious against all odds.
When it comes to fashion, she wears everything from shorts to lehengas to sarees. Fashion for her translates as anything which finds comfortable to wear and that is what makes her stand out from the crowd. She wore her first saree at her sister's wedding that her mother lovingly got for her from Singapore. She reminisces it to be a crochet saree and it still holds a soft spot in her heart. As an advice to a 20-year-old girl, she says, “Love yourself enough and choose your dreams and run towards things that add value to your life. Don't waste time on things that don't make you happy, work hard, think smart, always work for quality over quantity and always be true to yourself because you can fool the whole world but you can never fool yourself.”
The Rainmakers - Ayesha Billimoria

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