Chidiyaa Women - Kirti Kulhari

A gazillion of thoughts keep popping up as it seems difficult to express Kirti Kulhari’s pathbreaking talent and heartwarming simplicity in words. We keep on wondering over the magic she weaves on the screen with her impeccable skills, winning over our hearts every time while smartly conveying us to be a better version of ourselves. What might be the best way to say it?
After all, any expression would not do justice to the encapsulating magic she weaves with her personality.

One's persona speaks on one’s behalf, reflecting one's par excellence talent, generosity and positivity. Kirti Kulhari is an example of such an enigmatic personality and impeccable talent.

Our dreams together took a flight
Looking to grow, learn and nurture a connection, oh so bright
With eyes full of hope, love and aspirations we tried,
To find ourselves amidst a colourful sky.

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